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Frequently Asked Questions about Branding, Marketing, Business

What is Personal Branding?

 Personal Branding is the skills, talents, personality traits and passions of an individual that are consistently communicated through all interactions with others, online and offline.

Developing a business founder's  (owner's) personal brand increases the success rate for the new venture. After all, the founder/owner is usually the face and driving force of the business.  

Why should I create a personal brand?

 Successful businesses have a founder or leader with clear and authentic personal brands.  Having a strategy that matches an authentic personal brand to the  needs of a business improves a business or individual's success.  A personal brand allows you to focus on the activities which will give you fulfillment through meeting a need in the world. 

Why create a Brand Plan? A Personal Brand helps you:

  • Connect with Consumers
  • Make your products/books stand out
  • Create confidence/trust in your words
  • Establish you as a thought leader and industry expert
  • Consistent message across all channels to create brand loyalty
  • Create a brand that loyal consumers can’t wait to share with others, influence others to see/read/buy, refer to others as a trusted business partner
  • Always aim to surprise and delight customers with your brand

How do I create a personal brand?

  Working together, we will create your personal branding strategy with a calendar of specific actions to take, creating a clear, concise, unique and memorable personal brand that is strong, easy to communicate to your clients, customers and business associates consistently.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

  Digital Marketing Strategy is a brand focused strategy using social media, traditional media, digitally enhanced live events and powerful content creation to reach the business, sales and marketing goals of a person or company.  

What is a Social Media Marketing Plan?

  Social Media Marketing Plan is an organized strategy across multiple social media platforms that addresses the mission of an organization by connecting and communicating with the organization’s target markets through Target Marketing.

What is Target Marketing?

  Target Marketing means you are putting your customer and their needs at the center of your focus and attention.  You are making your customer the most important aspect of doing business, so your products/services are the best they can be. 

Why do you need a Social Media Marketing Plan?

  • To create a consistent message across all media, product and communication platforms      
  • To reach your target markets where they are seeking information
  • To increase awareness and credibility of your company and brand
  • To support your blog and drive traffic to your website
  • To maximize the marketing budget 
  • To fulfill your mission statement
  • To grow business by increasing the number of clients

Why hire an outside consultant?

While running a business day to day, it can be hard to see a solution for a persistent problem. A coach can help guide you to understand where your pain points are and how to fix them.  An outside perspective also helps you consider solutions that you already know about, but need reassurance and back up data they will work.  Let me help you do what you do best.  

How can I help you?

  Examples of Creative Brand Coach Projects:

  • Simple social media strategies for busy executives
  • Personal Branding for executives, solopreneurs & professionals
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Career transitions
  • Brand consistency over all aspects of a business
  • Blog, Website and Email Newsletter redesign
  • Content Production and Planning
  • Brand Identity and Social Media Style Guides
  • New Product development
  • Product Line Development and Pricing
  • Business Growth & Expansion
  • Venture Capital Sales Pitch
  • Startup Business Planning

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